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January, 2014

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  This page contains links to articles which have been published by the various motoring magazines over the years since the Berkeley was first introduced in the mid fifties.
  • Classic Motorsports May 2009 Fibreglass Repair
    In May 2009 the USA magazine Classic Motorsports produced an article called "Glasswork: Repairing and Restoring Fibreglass Sports Cars", on pages 108-113 (lots of pictures). how lucky for us that amazingly the article was based around the fibreglass repairs on a 1959 Berkeley.
  • The USA Sportscar quarterly advert
    This advert has been copied from the 1958 edition of the Sportscar quarterly in the USA.
  • The Motor April 1957
    This is a reprint by the 'The Motor' of the road test report of The Berkeley Sports Two-seater which was published on the 3rd April 1957.
  • Road & Track - June 1960
    Another article kindly submitted by Richard Campbell.  This one is rather large at nearly 2mb, but i think it's worth the wait and the size.


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