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January, 2014

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  The Berkeley B105 and B95 were produced in 1959 and were the odd boy in the Berkeley line up.

The B95 (95 mph top speed, hence the name) had the 40 bhp Royal Enfield 692cc Super Meteor.

Whereas the B105 (guess what the 105 was supposed to mean?) had the 692cc Constellation 50 bhp engine.

Rumour has it that two hundred B95/105ís were produced.

They are hairy cars to drive, and have got lots and lots of lovely vibrations (!?) from the engine.

     This is a picture of George Cat at Silverstone in his lime green B95 from early 1960.  Notice what the grandstand at Woodcote looked like in those days.  George was, I believe, the general manager at Mantles garage, and he campaigned this little car very vigorously and pretty quickly, considering he must have weighed about 15 stone.  Tragically he dies after an accident at Snetterton, where he sustained superficial injuries but was zapped by a blood clot while under observation in the local hospital.  He was a lovely man and a huge Berkeley enthusiast.

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