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The Bandit was launched at the 1960 Motor show in an attempt to capture the traditional sports car market.  It was designed by John Tojeiro and two prototype cars were made using fairly standard car components and running gear from the Ford Anglia 105E .  The car had a combination steel and aluminium chassis with the usual Berkeley fibreglass body. The drive was to the rear wheels, unusual for a Berkeley, and suspension at the rear was through a swing axle layout with coil-over-shock absorbers acting directly on the rear hubs.  This was achieved by modifying the Ford rear axle to provide two short drive shafts connecting through a pair of universal joints giving full movement of the wheels whilst the differential could be held stationary.  The car had disk brakes at the front and drums at the back.

Several road tests of the cars gave good accounts of performance and road holding but by this time the company was failing and the car never went into production.

The company went officially bankrupt in February 1961 and was wound up.


Neil Barbor in the last remaining Bandit during the final phases of it's restoration in the late 1990's.

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