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January, 2014

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This section is all about the Wheels & Brakes of the Berkeley.
  • Silicon Brake Fluids - Beware
    This is a Castrol technical Bulletin detailing the issues surrounding the use of silicon brake fluids and why Castrol (and AP Lockheed) do not manufacture a silicon brake fluid.  Please note that silicon brake fluid is DOT5 and not at all related to DOT5.1
  • Front wheel hub assembly
    This image show a cross section of the front wheel hub carrier. 
  • Hub cap spinners
    The image below shows two types of hub cap spinners which were fitted to Berkeley's.  Click on the image to view a larger version.

  • Brake Pipe Specifications
    Another fine document from Mark Williams about the specification (lengths and type etc) of brake pipes used on the Berkeley SE328
    This document has now been included into the Brakes maintenance Manual referenced at the top of the page.
  • Girling Parts List and Drawings
    • This Girling parts list and drawings were kindly submitted by Mark Schoenlein
  •   A small contribution about brake shoes kindly submitted Mark Williams (Oct 2003)

    " I have just received the brake shoes for my SE328 back from re-lining. Whilst probably more applicable to UK and European members than those in the US (where relining services seem to be easier to come by) I thought it worth passing on the details, such was the excellent quality of service and the price. SAFTEK turned round the set of 8 shoes in a week from me sending them, payment was made only once they advised that the job was complete and ready for despatch rather then in advance. The quality is excellent and the company very friendly and easy to deal with by phone, letter or e-mail. The total cost for 8 shoes, including P&P was 57.46. The material used for mine is non-asbestos for road use - they also do competition linings and, for the real concours enthusiast, woven shoe linings using modern materials. Heartening to know that there are still companies in the UK that can meet effectively one-off requirements at a sensible cost! 

    Contact details via the internet are available at http://www.saftek.co.uk/vintage/contactdetails.html

    and for those using traditional methods they can be contacted at:

    Saftek,  1 Rawfolds Industrial Estate,  Bradford Road,  Cleckheaton,  West Yorks, BD19 5LT
    Tel: 01274 862666 / Fax: 01274 862444 "

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