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  At the 1958 Motor Show Berkeley introduced the Foursome.  This car was an enlarged version of the SE328 but powered by the Excelsior 492cc triple instead of the 328cc twin.  The car was 8 inches longer and 4 inches wider and had been designed as a four seat sports car opposed to the SE328's two seat design.

It was fitted with a rear bench seat and two folding front bucket seats, the spare wheel was mounted on the rear of the car and was covered by a fibreglass moulding.  The car was available as a hard top and a soft top with removable side screens on the doors for the front passengers and mounted to the body for the rear seat passengers,

One of the interesting features of the car was that the rear suspension was mounted on the outside and underneath the car, whereas all the other four wheeled Berkeley's were mounted inside the rear of the car.

Unfortunately the Foursome was cramped and suffered from severe body flexing from it's increased dimensions, consequently production ceased after only 22 cars were made.

Currently I have few pictures of the Foursome but since I now own a one it's in my own interest to find out more about them and to take more pictures.  For now all I can find is the line drawing below (click on the picture to enlarge).


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