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  The Se492 was launched at the 1957 Motor show alongside the Se328.  It used a three cylinder version of the 328cc twin cylinder engine and produced a claimed 30bhp at 5500rpm as opposed to the 18bhp of the twin.

The hard top Se492 was the centre piece of the Berkeley stand but no more versions of this particular model were seen or heard of since.  Quite a few of the Se492's produced were exported, especially to the USA, as all the Berkeley's were designed to be either left or right hand drive.

As production continued various defects became evident, for example body flex and the front suspension, mounted to the glassfibre, started to punch it's way through the body.  This lead to various improvements such as steel chassis members, steel suspension supports and a transverse support member mounted across the engine bay between the top suspension mounts, resulting a revised model being released.  The new model is easily distinguished by the virtue of vertical door leading edges instead of sloping ones.



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