Technical Manuals

January, 2014

01 Intro & Specs
02 Excelsior
03 Royal Enfield
04 Transmission
05 Fuel & Ignition
06 Wheels & Brakes
07 Susp & Steering
08 Body & Fittings
09 Electrics
10 Maintenance
11 Tools
Parts Lists


  These articles and other documents have been put together by myself over the last ten years. They mainly formed part of correspondence to the BEC club magazine, and I feel that other Berkeley enthusiasts could benefit from them.

A list of available Berkeley Enthusiast Club publications is also available here.

Oh and by the way unless otherwise specified all the documents are in Microsoft Word 97 format. A viewer is available from all good record shops and some awful ones too (actually I should check out the Microsoft web site if I was you).

This section includes a Complete maintenance manual and various articles on various individual aspects of maintaining the cars in good health.

Jan 2014 - I've scanned my copy of the Excelsior Two Stroke Engine Units, Talisman Twin 244 c.c. and 328 c.c. and Talisman 3 492 c.c. Running and Maintenance Instructions

Part 1 also details any Berkeley Specific Tool requirements.

  • Tuning Notes
    This document was put together in the late fifties and details how to tune the Excelsior engine and carry out some detail modifications to the body to aid air flow.
  • Berkeley Car Names
    This article is all about what the cars were originally called and why. This is because cars like the ‘B90’ were only ever called the Sports 492, God knows where the B90 bit came from.
  • Berkeley History
    This is a document all about the History of Berkeley cars.
  • Berkeley Bits
    This is my ‘SIZES’ document, as I find out relevant part numbers and dimensions of parts used on Berkeley’s then I add it to this document.

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