Berkeley Coachworks.............
Berkeley Coachworks produced Caravans and Cars in Hitchin Street, Biggleswade from 1947 to 1960
Here are some of the staff
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Managing Director C. M. Panter
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Stuart Rowe, Colin Ward, ?, ?, ?
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Note the poster in window (Sold - Another Berkeley)
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Pictured on left Colin Ward
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Proving at times it was ' All Beer And Skittles ! '
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You don't see this done at work these days
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10th July 1951 a spark set fire to stacks of timber
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September 1952 half the factory, stores and offices are gutted by a major fire
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Caravan production just after The Big Fire (note the name on the caravan)
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Christmas 1946 in The Works Canteen
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Christmas 1947
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The Table Tennis Team

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The works staff
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