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August, 2008

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Berkeley number 4.

My fourth car is a rare T60/4 four seat version of the T60 and about 50 to 60 were made.  I bought this car during 1995 and it is still being brought back to life (2004).

Just purchased

Just brought it back from Bury (Lancashire) in 1995.

You can clearly see the 2 inch electrical box trunking underneath the car. This was a total waste of time and effort and would not give the car any additional support.

Just purchased

Just purchased

Just testing out another T60/4

I was at a Micro car rally with my own T60 hardtop and someone had brought their T60/4, so I asked if my kids could try it out for size.

Car back from the trimmers 1996

New soft top, side screens and seats recovered by Harry Stanistreet's wife

Ride height difference

Picture showing the different ride heights of the T60 and the T60-4

My wife and my cars in 1995

Me and my cars in 1995

Side view

Outside my RAF garage


I've replaced the Mini door hinges with berkeley hinges. In this picture you can see the rear seat base, which was awful and was later (much later) replaced

Front and back

Front of the T60-4 and the back of my T60 hard top

New door hinges

Front RH

Front suspension rebuild

After finding that the original restorer had rebuilt the front suspension without the central spacer I had to remove all of the bushes and refit new ones INCLUDING a new spacer

Suspension parts and tools

Here are all the parts and tools required to rebuild

Suspension parts and tools

Fitting the bottom bushes

Fitting the bottom bushes

Fitting the top bushes

Original bottom tray and the T60-4 tray

This picture shows an old Berkeley suspension tray and the unit construction T60-4 tray

Front kingpins and backplates

Picture shows the refurbished front kingpins and blasted and painted back plates. The king pins have been remanufactured with O rings to retain the grease, and have very fine tolerences

Front kingpins and backplates

Another view with the king pins reversed

Front brake rebuild

Picture showing the reassembly of the front brakes. New bearings, brake shoes and wheel cyclinders have been used

Front brake rebuild

Front brake rebuild

Engine prior to refit

Thoght I'd take some pictures whilst I could

Engine prior to refit

Engine prior to refit

Engine prior to refit

Engine prior to refit

Engine prior to refit

Engine prior to refit

Engine bay

Engine bay prior to refitting the engine

Engine prior to refit

Don't know why I took this photo, it was obviously whilst the car was being prepped for painting with all that dust. However it does show the unique engine bay cross brace in place and the steering box steady

Rear suspension

This is an old picture, and I never rebuilt the rear suspension since there was no need. It does show the unique hand brake operating lever travelling DOWN the suspension arm

Rear suspension

Clearly showing the box extension extending the length of the swinging arm and the two vertical brackets connecting to the longer coil over shock absorber

Rear suspension

Another look at the unique and superior hand brake assembly. It also appears to have had a silencer going across the body of the car at some point

Rear silencer

The car appears to have had a rear silencer going across the car at some point, suspended by two large brackets and pair of front engine mounts. It looks original to me






Picture before the carpet was fitted


You can clearly see the three holes for seat ajustment forwards and backwards




The body sections are both bolted and clamped together. I didn't want the body sections moving and cracking the external paintwork


Here you can see the hand brake access hole and the slot in the chassis where the front/rear brake pipe goes inside the car


LH access slot, even though there's nothing to gain access for

Interior view 1

Just finished fitting the new carpet, which is balck with red flecks, I think it looks great, but you cannot see it in these pictures

Interior view 2

What you can't see is the galvanised fully welded steel chassis. This was done by the previous restorer, and is fully recommended by myself

Garage view 1

Engine bay. That bonnet took days and days of painstaking work to remove and repair all the stress cracks

Garage view 2

You can just see my Berkeley Foursome waiting to be worked on in the back ground

Garage view 3

I've used stainless fittings where possible externally since chrome deteriorates and goes rusty

Garage view 4

A good shot of the fibre glass windscreen surround which was introduced on the T60-4

Garage view 5

I've had a new rear bench seat made and side panels. Side panels help reduce the amount of interior noise since the rear of the car can act a bit like a drum. I've not touched the original seat back, since it's nice to see originality.

Garage view 6

I've fitted a Triumph Dolomite electronic rev counter, to help balance the dashboard

Garage view 7

I've also fitted an ammeter and fuel gauge

Garage view 8

Hood sticks up and side screens fitted

Garage view 9

The side screens are unique to the T60-4. The have rounded front edges because of the fibre glass windscreen surround

Garage view 10

Garage view 11

Hood up. It's quite a good hood, although getting in and out with it up and the side screens fitted takes some practice, but it is pretty water proof

Garage view 12

Hood up and side screens fitted

Garage view 13

Rear hood view

Garage view 14

External mirrors were never fitted to Berkeley's, unless it was a show car. So you'll find a massive array of mirror types and locations selected by owners, since they are essential

Garage view 15

You may just see the single washer jet in the middle of the car. Washers were never fitted to Berkeley's, but later became law, so owners fitted after market units, and all Berkeley's will be individual in this area

Day time view 1

The car was professionally sprayed with 2 pack base and lacquer. Th colour is Ford Radiant red, which quite a few Berkeley restorers use

Day time view 2

Day time view 3

All hinges have a rubber gasket cut out and fitted between the hinge and the body to allow hinge movement (twisting) without cracking the fibre glass and paintwork

Day time view 4

Day time view 5

Day time view 6

Day time view 7

Day time view 8

A new battery was fitted within the last two years, and the car has an SU fuel pump fitted

Day time view 9

You can't see it (because it's hidden up the the RH headlight) but the car has Boyer Bransden electronic ignition fitted

Day time view 10

The previous restorer installed a bulkhead repair using stainless steel, it was quite well done so I left it in place, it goes all the way across the car and down to the chassis

Day time view 11

The new side mounted silencer which was installed in 2005, which features a detachable end cap so the fibre glass packed silencer can be rebuilt with new padding

Day time view 12

The car has had new hinges fitted, plus a remanufactured bonnet badge which is enamelled not painted.

Day time view 13

The car a new grill installed, but you have to watch these guys as they rust very easily.

Day time view 14

Day time view 15

Day time view 16

Day time view 17

The hood sticks are unique to the T60-4 and remain fitted to the car when not being used

Day time view 18

Day time view 19

I've never found out if Berkeley ever fitted a standard interior mirror, so I've fitted a plain unit

Day time view 20

The car has a Berkeley badge mounted in the steering wheel , which seems to be coming rare these days since the badges are hard to come by and collectable

Day time view 21

Hood sticks down when not in use. It could do with a vynyl bag to make it look tidy like those that were fitted to the Foursome. They also clatter about when riding over bumps, so they need tying up or something.

Day time view 22

Original bucket seats, which were recovered, but did not turn out as well as expected.

T60-4 Side screens

A picture of both side screens, one from inside and one from outside.

T60-4 cross brace

The cross brace is unique to the unit contruction front suspension. It simply clamps to the diagonal struts within the engine bay

T60-4 cross brace

Another shot

T60-4 cross brace

Cross brace fitted. It's an old dusty picture when the car was being painted, but it shows up the fittings well

T60-4 hood stick pivot

Not that interesting but this is one of the two hood stick pivot brackets

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