1 - T60 Hard Top

August, 2008

1 - T60 Hard Top
2 - T60 Soft Top
3 - T60 Soft Top
4 - T60/4 Soft Top
5 - Foursome



My first Berkeley was this T60 Hard Top

I christened my first car 'Frankie' after the letters in it's registration plate.  I still own and run this car.  Restoration was completed in 1990 and he has been roadworthy ever since.

As found in 1988

Just got home to RAF Cottesmore

The strip begins

The punt with new chassis

Refitting top sections

I made a mistake here since I refitted the chassis sections without allowing for body droop, sowhen the front went back on the sides did not fit together (the car had drooped along the centre line), so I had to loosen the cross members attachments to allow the sides to come up

Putting the wheels on ready to leave the garden

Up, Up and away

It was really heavy with the running gear fitted

Ready for the paint shop

Ready for paint 2

Ready for paint 3

Next to 195 AOX


The car with filler under coat and a fiar amount of stopper

The painted car back home

The paint was British Leyland green BLGN25


I didn't like all the green at first, but then it grew on me

Additional front suspension support

A shot showing the lower suspension tray to upper suspension wishbone cross bracing. Thinkabout it, without this there's only flimsy aluminium holding top/bottom wish bones together. This also helps control sideways movement which causes bridge failure over the differential

The first outing

The cars first outing to Sutton Bonnington village fate

The first National Rally

At Weston Park

Classic Car Show

At the NEC

Restoration Show

At Stoneleigh



Wash day

Rear view

Front view

Dawn and Berks

Col and Berks

Ride height differences

To show the ride height differences between a standard T60 (green) and a T60/4 (red)

At home in 2004

2004 BTSC rally

2004 Founders day rally

2004 Micro Maniacs rally

2007 at home in the new garage

The new garage following the house extension, I've gained 5 foot, so have space for three Berkeley's now......



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