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Berkeley Regalia offers various items to improve your Berkeley life.

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  • Model Berkeley

Graham Harpin now has two Berkeley T60 model cars for sale. One is the 1:43 scale handbuilt and a smaller model made from resin that looks like pewter.

Below is the information submitted about the larger T60 model car.

"There is a relatively new SAMS model of the T60. This is a hand built white metal model in 1:43 scale. So far it has only been released in British Racing Green but should also be in white in a few weeks time. There is also the build it yourself option in the form of a white metal kit.

The RRP is 55.00 and 35.00 respectively for built or kit but as a thank you for a mention on your site I will discount the prices to 45.00 and 30.00 if your web site is mentioned.

Cheers, Graham"

Check out his Grahams website for more details

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