3 - T60 Soft Top

August, 2008

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3 - T60 Soft Top
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My third Berkeley was this T60 soft top.

I bought this car to restore just for the sake of it, as soon as it was restored it was sold to a really nice couple in Holland.

Just purchased - 1992

Just got it home. It was a mistake to tow it backwards, all the weight was in the wrong place

All in bits1

I thought it would be a good diea to photgraph the car in pieces

Brum Brum

My wife, dawn, and Steve Mood trying out the Berkeley for size

All in bits2

I stood on the roof of the Passat for this picture, it was dented for ever afterwards

All in Bits3

All in Bits4

All in Bits5

Sold 1996

Sold 1996

Sold 1996

Sold 1996

I took it to the port for the new owner

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